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Hardrace Roll Center Adjuster 92-00 Civic EG EK / 94-01 Integra

Hardrace Roll Center Adjuster 92-00 Civic EG EK / 94-01 Integra

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Part Numbers: 6386

Hardrace Roll Center Adjusters 93-97 Del Sol
Also known as extended ball joints.
Lowering a vehicle can alter the suspension geometry, in come cases can actually increase body roll and reduce cornering performance. The Hardrace roll center adjusters help correct the suspension geometry to a more ideal position. 
92-00 Civic / Del Sol
94-01 Integra 



Q: Can I use these ball joints on my vehicle if its at factory height? 

A: No, these ball joints are for lowered applications.


Q: What about if I was to lower my car by 1.5" ?

A: Chances it will not do anything, because the suspension angle are not altered enought for the ball joints to correct your suspension geometry.


Q: Do I need an alignment after installing these ball joints? 

A: Yes, you will need an alignment, you will also need to re-index your bushings after installing these ball joints, due to the change in suspension geometry. 


Q: Will these ball joints change my vehicle height after I install it?  

A: depending on your suspension setup, it may lower your vehicle height by approx. 20-25mm. 


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