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Hardrace chassis reinforcement guide for Subaru WRX VB

Hardrace chassis reinforcement guide for Subaru WRX VB

Adam Chang |

The new VB WRX gets a new turbocharged 2.4-liter four cylinder boxer engine, which serves up 271 horsepower and 35.6kg-m of torque, mated to six speed manual or “Subaru Performance Transmission”, a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) plus the legendary Subaru symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system with torque vectoring. The WRX is built on the Subaru Global Platform which also offers a substantial upgrade in ride and handling performance from the previous generation thanks to improved chassis rigidity and lowered center of gravity.

Hardrace is now offering a series of suspension and chassis for the new WRX to further improve its performance and driving pleasure. 

33 items available for the GR Corolla:


Q0214 REAR TOE CONTROL ARM | Pillow Ball Equipped
Q0213 REAR TOE CONTROL ARM | Harden Rubber Equipped

Toe arms allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear toe in/out setting of the vehicle. It helps to raise straight line stability and road control. Toe arm made with high-strength steel alloys to offer high durability, strength and yet remain light-weight.
. ED process and painting for the highest durability
. Provides stability, increase steering response
. Direct bolt on designed

Q0216 REAR TRACTION ARM| Pillow Ball Equipped
Q0215 REAR TRACTION ARM| Harden Rubber Equipped

Rear traction rod made of unique high density steel, provide excellent stability during high speed driving or hard cornering.
. Made with high quality ultra strong steel
. ED process and painting for the highest durability
. Equipped with premium quality bushings
. Superior strength and durability

8762 REAR UPPER CAMBER ARM | Pillow Ball Equipped

HARDRACE camber kit reduces tire wear and increase tire durable. Made with superior quality bushing, provide advanced stability and accurate response steering, especially during high speed driving and cornering.
. One-piece, OE design
. Provides stability
. Assists to reduce chassis twist and flex.
. Increases steering response
. ED process and painting for extended control arm life



Hardrace is proud to announce the front strut brace for VB WRX. The brace features aluminum alloy center bar for extreme lightweight and superior strength. By tying the strut towers together, the brace capably eliminate lateral body deflections and maintain proper suspension geometry under high speed driving and hard cornering, offering a more precise and connected handling response.
. Lightweight aluminum construction
. Improve chassis rigidity
. Provide greater handling response


6877 REAR UPPER ARM BUSHING| Pillow Ball Equipped
6867 REAR KNUCKLE BUSHING | Pillow Ball Equipped
7492 REAR KNUCKLE BUSHING | Pillow Ball Equipped
7511 FRONT LOWER ARM BUSHING - SMALL| Pillow Ball Equipped
7889 FRONT LOWER ARM BUSH| Pillow Ball Equipped

Pillow ball bushing provides excellent driver feedback, precise control and solid suspension feel. Inner bushing is made accurately with both high molecule plastic tube and specific metal alloy. High durability and reliability. Outer bushing is combined by TPV material anti-dust boot, 100% resistant from dust, water and oil, extend the life of the bushing
‧Excellent driver feedback
‧Increase steering response
‧High quality spherical joint bearing
‧Solid response
‧Get a control and stability
‧OEM direct replacement