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Important Notes:

Professional installation is always recommended.

Please always use the correct size press die/cups to install our bushings.

The die/cup used should be the correct size to the outer sleeve of the bushings.

Please be patient when installing / pressing in bushings, take your time to seat the bushing before applying force to press it in.

Failure to seat your bushing properly before applying press pressure to the bushings may cause the bushing to crush or deform.

Our bushings are mean for OEM arms. If you have aftermarket arms/knuckles or aftermarket OEM look alike arms/knuckles, we cannot guarantee fitment.

Pillow Ball Bushings are for track use, using pillow ball bushings on a public road may cause premature wear or damage to the pillow ball bushings.



LHD = Left Hand Drive

RHD = RHD Drive

Pair = 2 pcs

LCA = Lower Control Arm

UCA = Upper Control Arm

Fitment note:

Always follow our fitment guide, please feel free to contact us if you have a fitment question. Do not use the fitment guide on the Hardrace Global Page or Hardrace pages from other countries, as their fitment are tailored to vehicles that are specific to that region.

Some of our items are makes/models/year specific. In order for them to work, you will need to have your suspension arms / knuckle remain the same as the makes/models/year.

example 1:

02-04 RSX ball joints will only work on a RSX from 2002-2004 with knuckles and front lower arms from a RSX 2002-2004. The arms and knuckles have different ball joints mount/seats.

example 2:

96-00 Civic none Si models and 99-00 Civic Si/ 96-00 Type R

96-00 Civic none Si models features a two piece design front lower arms.

99-00 Civic Si / Japan Spec 96-00 Civic Type R and SiR uses a single piece design front lower arms.

The bushings are different between those two arms. Those two arms also use different sway bar links.

example 3:

Some of the Japanese DC2 Integra uses 25mm Front Sway Bar, versus the 24mm that are found in most of the USA Type R / GSR models, even some in 00-01 GS/LS. If you are unsure of what bushings you need, please go pick up a micrometer and measure your sway bar before placing an order.