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Roll Center Adjusters for Civic FD 06-11

Roll Center Adjusters for Civic FD 06-11


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Part Number: 6828

HARDRACE Roll-Center Adjusters, are used for correcting the suspension geometry of a lowered car, putting the control arms back closer to its original position, resulting in increased steering response and stability while eliminating bump steer . Decreases body roll . Improves tire contact patch with the road . Increases steering wheel responsiveness . Enables increased cornering force Only work on vehicle that had suspension angle altered due to vehicle height change. Note: Not recommended for vehicles that are lowered less than 2 inches, nor without enough suspension angle altered. Depending on the suspension setup, installing roll center may change vehicle height. Wheel alignment is required after install.

Only work on lowered applications with suspension geometry altered due to vehicle height change.  

2006-2011 Honda Civic Si


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