Hardrace Front Engine Mount for AT Trans model Legacy 5th BM BR 09-14


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Factory engine mount are usually made with a softer rubber compound to absorb vibrations, and act as cushion absorbing vibration between the engine and the chassis.  When you hit the gas to accelerate, some of the torque that your engine produce is lost as the soft factory mounts absorbed it.  This is a good thing when you chose comfort over performance.  But if you are more of a performance over comfort person, and want to use those extra lost torque to the wheel rather than losing it to the chassis, you will want to upgrade your engine mount to a stiffer unit like the Hardrace reinforced mount.

Hardrace reinforced engine mount was made with high strength harden rubber that are stronger than rubber found on OE engine mount, it helps reduce engine movement and allow you put more torque to the ground rather than losing it to the softer and possibly worn down rubber on your OE mount.  

1 pc set

For 09-14 Legacy 5th BM/BR with auto transmission

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