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Rear Trailing Arms (Pillow Ball) for Tesla Model 3 | Model Y

Rear Trailing Arms (Pillow Ball) for Tesla Model 3 | Model Y


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Pillow Ball Equipped



The adjustable arms allow fine adjustments to the rear end alignment setting of the vehicle. It can either help achieve desired handling characteristic or get your car back to original alignment specs after lowering. The arms are made of high-strength steel alloys to offer high durability and strength. With premium quality pillow ball bushings equipped, they also provide more precise and solid handling response over the factory components.

. Offers adjustability to suit various driving conditions
. High-strength steel alloy construction
. ED coated and painted for highest durability
. Premium quality pillow ball joints equipped
. Improve handling performance
. OE direct fitment

Vehicle Applications

TESLA MODEL 3 2017-present

TESLA MODEL Y 2020-present

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