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Hardrace Rear Knuckle Bushings (Harden Rubber) RSX 02-06

Hardrace Rear Knuckle Bushings (Harden Rubber) RSX 02-06


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Part Number: 6593

Hardrace Rear Knuckle Bushings

Bushing Type: Harden Rubber

6 pcs / set

Fitment 2002-2006 RSX

The rear knuckle bushings on the RSX are often over looked when inspecting your suspension bushings. Unless you remove the arms that are bolted to these bushings, or there are visible cracks on the edge of the bushings, it will not be obvious if there is any failure due to deformation.  Unless you own a garage kept low mileage RSX and have rarely driven it since you had purchased it new, chances are your rear knuckle bushings are starting to fail, and deform to cause the bolt sleeve to start to sag and become off center. This can cause drive line issues and lead to uneven tire wear.

Most consumers assume that alignment is the key to drive line issue that causes uneven / premature tire wear, this is true in most cases.

However, if the bushings on your RSX are beginning to deform, an alignment will not save you from uneven and premature tire wear. As soon as your RSX leaves the alignment rack and hit the street, your wheel angle will be off due to deformation of your suspension bushings.

This Hardrace rear knuckle bushing kit is just what you are looking for when its time to replace your rear knuckle bushings, especially if your RSX is lowered or if you are looking for stiffer bushings than OE.  Vehicles that are lowered have less suspension travel, which can lead to extra stress being put on your OE bushings.  Hardrace bushings are made with high durometer rubber, and can absorb the abuse which results from spirited driving compare to OE, which is why most performance enthusiast choose Hardrace bushings over competitors products.  

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