Hardrace Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (Harden Rubber) 88-00 Civic Del Sol EG EG2 EK EF / 94-01 Integra DC2

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Part Number: 6106

Factory rear trailing arm bushings cracking is a common issue among the EG EK DC chassis, due to the age of the chassis being 15+ years old.  Cracked trailing arm bushings can lead to premature tire wear, it can throw off your suspension geometry and also cause other bushings in the rear suspension to wear out prematurely, and dramatically affect your drive line.  Suspension bushings plays a big part of how your car will handle and perform on the road / track. 

Hardrace's rear trailing arm bushings are reinforced harden rubber bushings, that is stronger than factory bushings.  The are a great replacement for cracked OE bushings for the performance minded. 

2 pcs / set 


1988-1991 CRX Civic

1992-1995 Civic EG EJ

1996-2000 Civic EM1 EK EJ

94-01 Integra DC2

93-97 Del Sol EG2

P/N: 6106

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