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Hardrace Super Tie Rods Honda S2000

Hardrace Super Tie Rods Honda S2000


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Part Numbers: 6441

Hardrace Super Tie Rods Honda S2000 (Spherical Ends)

The Hardrace Super Tie Rods for S2000 will help increase steering response, minimizing bumpsteer when used with roll center adjusters.

These Super Tie Rod ends mount upside down to the knuckle assembly as opposed to right side up like the OEM ones.  It help improve front suspension geometry on lowered S2000's by keeping the the tie rods parallel to the front lower control arms rather than angled upwards when the vehicle is on the ground.

This item is for OFF ROAD use only!  It is not suitable for street use. 

Suspension adjustment and other modification maybe required in order for these super tie rods to work or drive properly.


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