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RC Tie Rod Ends for Civic Type-R FK8 2017-2022

RC Tie Rod Ends for Civic Type-R FK8 2017-2022


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Part number: Q0320

For Lowered Suspension Use only. It will not work on stock suspension, not recommended for vehicle with minimum drop. 

Pillow Ball Equipped
2 pcs/set

For racing use only. 

Steering tie rod angle changes as the suspension is lowered/lifted. This will make the car difficult to control due to the unwanted toe change during suspension travel (Bump steer). Hardrace RC tie rod ends, by relocating the tie rod end ball joint pivot point, will help return the geometry back to original specs for proper steering response. The tie rod ends are manufactured from high quality pillow ball joint to provide a more direct and responsive steering feel and sustain extensive loads. Its adjustable design allows the rod height to be fine adjusted by spacers to accommodate different ride height settings.

. Correct steering geometry on lowered cars
. Provide more direct steering response
. Premium quality pillow ball joint equipped
. Adjustable design to suit different ride height settings
. Direct bolt-on with OEM components

HONDA CIVIC 10th TYPE-R FK8 2017-2022



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